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Solid Phenolic Window Sills & Stools

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Solid phenolic resin interior window sills or stools made from Trespa Top Lab Plus material features excellent chemical, stain and heat resistance. Solid composite panels require no edge banding, are not laminated, have no wood core and have excellent screw-holding capability for mechanical attachment or gluing to the window framework. Solid Phenolic window sills can be easily cleaned and disinfected with a mild detergent solution.

Trespa TopLabPlus® material is an ideal choice for durability and attractiveness. Highly resistant to chemicals and staining, edges require no special treatment and can be easily profiled, milled, and polished on the exposed edges to a 1/8" (3mm) bevel top and bottom, 3/4" (20mm) round over, etc. Colors available match or contrast to the counter top materials in the laboratory facility. Colors in stock are: Black, Slate Gray, Silver Gray, Mystic White and Regular White in a crystal smooth texture finish. Other colors are available on special order basis and may have longer lead times.

The continuing demand for LEED qualified low VOC, solid surface phenolic window stools has continued to grow in laboratory environments throughout North America where chemicals are used and fumes are emitted via chemical testing or fume hoods. The market continues to expand, which has further boosted demand for the product. The increased recognition of the solid phenolic's unique qualities plus growing markets has greatly advanced the use of Trespa Solid Phenolic window sills in laboratory environments.

Available in a wide variety of profiles to wrap interior window frames with notch cutouts, flush to the back or side walls or overhang the sill area. All sills or stools are cut from sheet material in the colors, thickness and profiles required. Typical thickness requirements are 1" (25mm) or 3/4" (20mm).

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