Marine Edge

All Trespa TLP sheet materials are produced flat and all splash material is cut to size, field applied and are not Integral. Marine Edge materials in 6 mm (1/4" Thickness) in epoxy resin are now available in two UME (Unapplied) forms for field application: Either "Flat" or an "L" Shape configuration.

Marine edge Strips of 3 meter length (9.9 Ft) are stocked in Black, Slate Gray and White for field application or can be applied at our facility at additional cost.

"Flat" - Unapplied Marine Edge (UME) color matched epoxy resin strips - Epoxy resin UME Flat strips are used for attachment to the top surface of Trespa. Top Lab Plus resin counter top material forming a marine edge or no-drip edge. Strips are 1/4" (6mm) thickness and 3.0 meters (9.9 feet) long. The "flat" section, in a width or depth of 1.125" (28.58mm) is color matched to All Trespa Top Lab Plus surfaces and attaches to the top working surface of Trespa solid phenolic with epoxy adhesive or Marine Grade Epoxy adhesive.

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"L" Shape configuration - Unapplied Marine Edge (UME) Strips:

Epoxy resin color matched no-drip or marine edge strips in an "L" shape configuration attaches to the surface of Trespa Top Lab Plus Phenolic Resin while covering the front edge of the lab counter top, providing ease of application of a marine edge profile and eliminates sanding or finishing of the exposed sawed edges of sheet material. The epoxy resin strips can be field applied to 3/4" (19mm) or 1" (25mm) thick solid phenolic resin counter tops to form a no-drip marine edge and are offered in 1/4" (6mm) thickness, 1.125" (28.58mm) width and 3.0 meters or 9.9 feet long.

UME "L" shaped epoxy strips are available to complement Trespa Solid phenolic sheet or slab materials. Now stocked in Black, "New" Slate Gray, Regular White & Silver Gray epoxy resin strips. All colors in the Top Lab Plus color chart will be available soon.

The basis of design for Solid Phenolic Laboratory Composite Grade Lab Work Surfaces is: Trespa Top Lab Plus, as supplied by Total Laboratory Solution Fabricators, Scottsdale, Arizona.