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Green Guard & LEED Certifications

Anti microbial Performance
Trespa TopLabPLUS has inherent antibacterial properties without the addition of microbial additives. An independent test by British Industrial Microbiological Services Ltd. (IMSL) shows an almost complete elimination of certain bacteria after 24 HRS.

GreenGuard Qualification
Trespa TLP (Top Lab Plus) is greenguard qualified under the following Standard:
GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality Certified - Standard FC2Lp94711-3
GreenGuard Children and Schools - Standard FC2Lp94711-3
Low VOC off-gasing: 0.22 mg/(mm^3) or 220 g/l or 0.22 mg/m3
Certificate of compliance #2370-420, available upon request

Top Lab Plus by Trespa meets the following Certificates of approval:
NEN-EN-ISO 9001 - Certificate of the Quality Management System issued by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance.
NEN-EN-14001:1996 - Certificate of Environmental Management System by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance

As much as 70 percent of the wood based fibers and most of the raw materials used in producing Trespa TopLab Plus (TLP) are made from sustainable resources. The panel size has been optimized to reduce waste and the surface technology reduces maintenance and cleaning requirements. Fewer joints accommodate hygienic environments and gluing panels to a sub-structure is not necessary. Trespa has taken other eco-friendly steps, including ensuring that discharge and emissions fall within acceptable limits, eliminating corrosive and toxic gases, and improving reduction of waste.

"At Trespa, sustainability is a culture which influences many of the decisions we make as a company. To support our ongoing improvement initiatives, Trespa is pleased to announce the availability of Forestry Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification, in addition to currently offered Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification® (PEFC®), on all of our product ranges beginning in Spring 2013. FSC® and PEFC® certification is a clear way for Trespa to show our commitment to forest conservation and support of better forest management. The use of FSC® and PEFC® certified products in building construction may also contribute to points associated with LEED certification for buildings".

Biological and Clinical Laboratories:

By definition, biochemical and medical laboratories need to be extremely clean and sterile. Because experiments and test results depend on non-contamination, working surfaces have to be exceptionally resistant, impervious and hygienic.
This is the reason why Trespa TopLabPLUS (TLP) is used in laboratories worldwide. In biochemical and medical lab facilities where radio-isotopes, human tissue and blood samples or bacteria are present, a more thorough cleaning may be required for disinfecting Trespa TLP. The use of strong alcohols, aldehydes, phenols, quaternary ammonium compounds, ethanols (70%), formaldehyde (1%, 5%), p-chloro-m-cresol (0.3%), tosyl chloride-Na (0.1%) and alkyldimethyl-benzyl-ammonium chloride-Na (0.1%) are advisable for use in this disinfecting process.

Chemical and Analytical Laboratories:

Work surfaces in laboratories have to be very resistant to aggressive chemicals and other deleterious matter and to anything that is likely to contaminate experiments or test results. Because of its excellent chemical resistance, performance and hygiene, Trespa TopLabPLUS is used in chemical, research, micro-biological and teaching laboratories worldwide. Recommended by Ministries of Education and Ministries of Health, TopLabPlus is known throughout the world market as a superior laboratory countertop material.

Physical and Educational Laboratories:

Trespa TopLabPLUS panels provide the ideal decorative working surfaces in facilities that are used by a variety of students, engineers, chemists and are subject to heavy use. Laboratories used for chemical testing or experiments, biology or physics classrooms are typical applications which require high performance materials coupled with durability, ease of maintenance and good appearance.

Trespa respects the environment and takes all necessary steps to make efficient use of natural resources. Raw materials come from regenerative agricultural forests and a product-specific recycling technology is in use.

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